1 — StellaProbably the thing that made this year the most amazing was getting my sweet baby girl puppy Stella. You can read all about getting her here. 2 — Alfapark Milano Blow Dry CreamThis hair product has improved my blow outs SO much! I am going to be doing a post in the nextContinue reading “2019 FAVORITES”

2020 GOALS

Happy 2020!! Now that both Christmas and New Years are over I’m kind of ready to go back to Miami hence the beach photo lol! But in other news…It’s the start of a new decade and what I know will be an amazing year!!! While 2019 was a great year, I’m really looking forward toContinue reading “2020 GOALS”


I’m SO excited for this holiday season! Today I’m sharing my “bucket list” of all of the holiday related activities I hope to do this season! I always love these kinds of posts when other bloggers do them because it’s kind of like inspiration for something to do over the season! Be sure to beContinue reading “CHRISTMAS BUCKET LIST”


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