Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that it’s the lady day of October, where has the time gone?! I seriously have been pushing everything off and saying that I will worry about it once November gets here, but now November is here and I have SO much going on.
In today’s post, I am sharing everything I bought on Amazon this month, which is a LOT of stuff!! I have seriously been having everything delivered this month, and this post seriously shows that lol!

I have been wearing these slippers nonstop around the house! They are so warm and cozy. Even better they’re only $23.99!

After getting Stella, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I got the sweetest puppy a little over two weeks ago now, you can read about her in my post here, I got this book The Puppy Training Handbook which is written by a trainer that I have seen all over online and have been reading it to try and do my best to train Stella.

Also this month, I order this new camera case, it’s super slim, so I am just able to throw it in my bag, which is great, so that I can have my camera with me more of the time. I also ordered this Amazon Basics tripod, because on my tripod that I got from Best Buy one of the clips broke of so it longer worked. This one is working well so far. I really like that it folds up extremely small, came with a case, and is super light weight.

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