Happy Sunday! We’ve made it through another week of all of this. My afternoon walks with Stella are basically saving my sanity, the fresh air and change of scenery are great! So, if you can get out and get some fresh air, I highly recomend! Stay well!

ONEPeloton 90 Day Free Trial
If you’re used to going to the gym starting to workout from home can be really difficult! Peloton is offering new customers a 90 day free trial with access to all of their running, yoga, meditations, and stretching! I have a Peloton bike and also have done the yoga and core workouts on my tv using the fire stick and love them! I’m currently doing the April challenge

TWO Carly’s Roundup of Book Recommendations
Carly, one of my all time favorite bloggers, did a roundup of a bunch of my favorite people’s book recommendations! After reading this I now have SO many books on my reading list!

THREE Grace Shared 9 Thing To Do
I loved this post as I am definitely in need of some new ideas of what to do at home right now!

FOUR New Version of Simplified Dapperdesk Planner
My favorite planner EVER released a new academic year version, so if you have not tried Simplified’s Dapperdesk planner, now is the time! I’m going to do a post where I go more into detail on this coming this week, but just know it is seriously the best planner that I have ever used!

FIVE Lauren Helps You Figure Out Your Home Decor Style
I thought this post was super interesting, as I am spending SO much time at home, I have been thinking a lot about home decor. I think knowing what your home decor style is can really help make you make the right decisions when decorating your home, so that you don’t end up feeling like your home just isn’t you!

SIX Julia Shared 10 Easy Recipes
As I have been home, I have had so much more time to be in the kitchen baking and cooking. I will definitely be checking out some of these recipes to make!

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