As I think almost every college is, all of my classes are online for the remainder of the semester, so in order for me to remain successful, I have to be at the top of my organization game. I really love organization and thrive when things are well organized, it just makes me feel the most prepared, which is super important to me. So, here is how I keep my schedule and also my to do lists organized.

I finally found the best planner ever in my opinion. The Simplified Dapperdesk planner gives you a whole page with a schedule, to do list, and notes section for every single day including Saturday and Sunday. I had previously tried the Day Designer planner, which is a great option, however, it split a page between Saturday and Sunday, which is really annoying because my to do list is definitely the longest on the weekend. I color code all of my schedule (which I talk about in the post later) and try to block schedule my day, giving chunks of time to every thing I need to do. I give a time for working out, a time for homework, and lay out my day. I usually put appointments and such in for the week on Sundays and then will schedule my day and create most of my to do list the night before. I fill out my calendar based on my apple calendar each week because that’s easiest to keep updated, keeping reading for more on that. Another great feature of this planner is underneath the schedule and to do list columns, there is a notes section. This is where I write down all of my assignments that are due each day, that way they are in a separate spot so I can look through and see what’s due and then add that to each day’s to do list, based on when I will do it. I also use a color coding system for each of my classes, just so that way I don’t have to write out the name of each class every time I write down an assignment.

I am absolutely obsessed with my apple calendar…I know that a lot of people prefer to use google calendar, however, I just find that apple calendar really works well for me and here’s why. It syncs across my MacBook, phone, iPad, and apple watch. Oh and also I can ask Alexa “what’s on my calendar” and she can tell! So, it’s pretty great! I also really like that no matter what I always have my calendar with me, it’s extremely handy. It also lets you have lots of different viewing options from appointments, to block scheduling, so it’s really flexible. Another thing that I love about it is that you can obviously delete events really easily, or I’ll write a question mark next to an event that I need to confirm. Another great feature is that you can email invites to people to add them to your event and then they can respond to the event with whether or not they can make it. It then also adds it their calendar and if you make any changes, or someone invites you and they make changes, they automatically appear in both calendars and will send the other person an alert that the even has changed. I also love that you can completely create your own color coding system, which is really important to me because as you can see above I color code my planner in the same way, so I like that you can customize the colors to be the same for both.

My color coding system is the same for both my simplified planner and my apple calendar.
red (school), blue (appointments), work (green), Stella (purple), Social – any plans with friends really (pink), schedule/what doesn’t fit in any other broad category (black)

I use the apple Reminders app to make a running to do list. I like to keep this separate from my daily to do list, because then I can keep everything else that I need to do at some point in one place, instead of trying to figure out which day to put it on. I also really like that this too, like apple calendars, syncs across all of my devices. This app is also great because you can set dates/times/alerts so that way you can be reminded of your to dos. I always find the alerts on my watch really handy.

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