I am always super busy between college, nannying, and Stella which makes subscription services that can help automate some of the things on my to do list extremely helpful! And right now when I’m not leaving my house, these services just makes getting the essentials SO much easier! In this post I’m sharing a few of my favorite subscription services that I love!

I started using a Quip electric toothbrush that I picked up at Target this summer and I love it, I went from using a standard toothbrush to using this electric one and it has definitely made a difference in how clean my teeth feel. Sign up with Quip and use my referral code: WJW8BZ2R to get your first $5 refill free!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RAZOR. I really hate shaving my legs, but this razor is life changing, it is 10x better than any other razor I have tried from the drug store. I also love that new razor heads just ship right to my door. Even better is it’s 1/2 the price of the razor and razor heads that I was buying before, that didn’t even work as well!

I order practically everything for Stella from Chewy. It’s SO much cheaper than the prices at pet stores, for literally the exact same things! I also love that it autoships, so it just shows up at my door on the date that I set it for. I don’t even have to worry about remembering to order it! Also you can customize each autoship too, so I can make sure we don’t have way too much of something! It also ships SO quickly, so if you realize you’re running low and need to order more of something I have usually gotten my packages with in the next 2 days! Right now because of everything going on with the coronavirus, their shipping is backed up quite a bit, however, I still have been getting my order within a week!


This post is not sponsored, but uses affiliate links.


I love Billie! Recently they came out with some new products. I tried the dry shampoo and love it! It’s a powder which I like more than the sprays. They also have a brown tinted one for brunettes which is always hard for me to find. I find the powder really soaks up the oil in my hair and gives it a little texture/volume!


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