Target has the cutest Holiday stuff out right now, so I just wanted to share a few things I have recently picked up that are great finds!

Holiday Advent Calendar for Dogs – $15
I picked this up for Stella because I thought it was SO cute and would be fun for this December!
Threshold Holiday Mugs – $5
These are SO cute! I think the exact one I have has sold out, but this one is SO cute too!
Chenille Cozy Crew Socks – $3
I absolutely love these cozy socks!
Tennis Balls – $3
I thought these were SO cute so I grabbed them for Stella’s stocking!
Mrs. Meyer’s Snowdrop Hand Soap
This smells SO good and I just love festive hand soaps for some reason, but I like that this one is clean!
Striped Perfectly Cozy Flannel Pajamas – $30
I just got these in the mail they are SO cute and fit true to size!

This post is NOT sponsored, but does contain affiliate links.

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