It feels like it’s officially really the holiday season now that my gift guide has finally been posted. This year I have curated everything into one gift guide with different sections for everyone on your list, and throughout this holiday season you will be able to click the tab “GIFT GUIDE” on the menu barContinue reading “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019”

FRIDAY FIVE 11/15/19

Happy Friday!! Enjoying comfy clothes and coffee on this pretty much winter morning here in New York, fortunately it is supposed to warm up today, so hopefully we get a break form this fall blizzard!! ONE | #LSWaterBottleChallengeJulia of Lemon Stripes recently started a challenge to not use another plastic disposable water bottle in theContinue reading “FRIDAY FIVE 11/15/19”


Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that it’s the lady day of October, where has the time gone?! I seriously have been pushing everything off and saying that I will worry about it once November gets here, but now November is here and I have SO much going on.In today’s post, I am sharing everything IContinue reading “WHAT I BOUGHT ON AMAZON IN OCTOBER”


A Sucky Love Story, 10/10 So, a little background on how I started reading this book…I was watching Shane Dawson’s video Investigating Conspiracy Theories, which you should definitely watch before you read this book, because it makes you even more invested in reading the book, and I heard Brittani’s story and just had to hearContinue reading “SEPTEMBER 2019 READING LIST”