Today I am sharing my current favorite workout outfit! I’m super into spin workouts, as I just got a Peloton bike (review to come!!) so this outfit is perfect for high intensity cardio workouts. These leggings hold you in without being too tight!

Shop my current workout outfit favorites!

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I’m driving quite a bit further to class this semester four days a week, so I have been listening to podcasts non-stop! I have found some great ones that I had to share because I personally am always looking for new podcast recommendations. These are three podcasts I have been listening that are all all three really different but I really enjoy listening to them for different reasons. Also, I would love to know your favorite podcast recommendations in the comments below!!

This is a true crime podcast that I’m obsessed with. I am fascinated by true crime and these two women are so good at what they do. For each main episode they each share a true crime story and tell it so well.

If you watch the vlog squad (on YouTube) you will love this podcast, if not, then probably you will think it’s SUPER weird. Jason Nash and David Dobrik host this hilarious comedy podcast that is super funny and entertaining. I literally will be driving and dying laughing listening to these guys.

This podcast is hosted by one of my favorite bloggers Grace Atwood of The Stripe and her best friend Becca. They are so wise and funny I love it! I feel like it’s a lot more intelligent than Views, because it’s not really comedy, but they’re still funny. Also, they have the best taste in books and share this on the podcast. My favorite part though is their advice or topic episodes where just the two of them share some of their own experiences and advice which is super interesting and also helpful.


This has been such a busy week. I got to spend a lot of this week with the kiddos I nanny during the summer because they were on break, which was so much fun! But, I have also been in school and of course Stella also had a busy schedule this week with a vet appointment (she is finally cone free!!) and a training lesson. So I feel like all I have done all week is drive all over!! I have one more week of classes and then am on spring break and I seriously cannot wait! I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I am thrilled to be able to relax for a week without school!

ONELegit Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner
Carly shared this post where she talked all about things that she wishes she had known or done sooner and I thought it was so interesting and definitely full of really valuable advice too!

TWO Laneige Hydration to Go
If you watch my instagram stories, you would have already seen this, but I got 5 travel size Laneige products that I had been wanting to try out for only $25!! It was such a good deal I had to share. I love skin care, but before I commit and spend a ton on one product I want to make sure that I will really like it, so this is a great option to test out a bunch of Laneige products if you have been wanting to!

THREE Shrill Season 2
I absolutely love the Hulu show Shrill it’s SO funny and just an all around great show to watch. I watched season 1 as soon as it came out and have been waiting for season 2 ever since and it’s finally here!

FOURCarly’s Ideal Morning Routine
Another amazing post by Carly. I love that she called this post her “ideal” morning routine, because it’s so unrealistic to me when bloggers post a picture perfect morning routine that they claim is exactly this perfect every single morning. I think I must be a little nosy or something, but I love to hear about people’s morning routines, because I also love finding ideas of things to add to my morning routine! This post also really made me want to start prioritizing my sleep so that I can be more productive and wake up easier in the mornings.

FIVE Grace’s January Book List
Grace has the best taste in reading. She reads all of my favorite categories, including thrillers, which are my absolute favorite. Anything she recommends I know is going to be SO good! I totally need to add these to my running book list!

SIX Audible
Over the last month, I have started listening to audiobooks on my way to class or while I’m cleaning or just hanging out and they are seriously such a game changer. I listen to novels for school, but also just books that I want to listen to as well. I have never really tried audiobooks until now and they are seriously so great for commuting or just listening to while you’re doing something like cleaning or folding laundry! I’m seriously obsessed! I love being able to get school work done by listening to the books while I’m driving, it’s seriously the best!


So, I have pretty healthy hair and I think it’s because of some of the things I have started doing over the years and wanted to share my hair care routine!

First off all, what I think is the biggest thing that helps keep my hair healthy is that I only wash it twice a week. The less I was my hair the healthier it is. The natural oils in your hair are REALLY healthy for it and help to nourish your hair. I was washing it about 3 times a week but have now transitioned to a Sunday – Wednesday hair washing schedule. You do kind of have to train your hair and a really helpful way to do this is dry shampoo. My favorite dry shampoo is this Batiste dry shampoo.

I also ALWAYS use some form of heat protectant on my hair. The leave in conditioner I use, which you can find here, has a heat protectant in it, and I think this helps a lot to keep heat from damaging your hair. Another thing I always do after I wash my hair is use a wet brush to comb through it. I think that these definitely help keep your hair from getting damaged when it’s wet and are just so much more gentle on your hair. After using a wet brush I seriously cannot use any other brushes, they’re just the best!

Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo
As a blonde I HAVE to tone my hair or it will turn very brassy. I only use this maybe every other weeks, because it definitely works and once I over used it and my hair turned a little purple.
Kristin Ess The One
Signature Shampoo
I use this on all of my other hair wash days.
Kristin Ess The One
Signature Conditioner
I use this amazing conditioner every time I wash my hair.
It’s a 10 Miracle
Leave In Conditioner
Whenever I wash my hair I use this right after, because my hair naturally tangles REALLY easily so it’s great for that!
Wet Brush
I love this brush and cannot use another brush after I started using this. I have noticed such a difference in how well it brushes out my hair but it’s also SO gentle on your hair when it’s wet!
Remington Ceramic Wand
I have been using this curling wand for probably 4 years and it works SO well!

I also try to use a hair mask every other week on my hair when I wash it. I think that these help so much to really nourish and hydrate your hair. I use this instead of conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling so nice after!

Favorite Hair Masks

Amika Hair Mask
Neuma Hair Mask


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Happy February! I cannot believe that January is already over, it’s crazy we are already a month in 2020! Today I’m sharing just a cute Valentine’s Day gift guide with you!


pullover (on sale!) | leggings | slippers | glasses

Happy last Friday of January! This has felt like the longest month of my life. There has just been a LOT going on. At the beginning of the month I suddenly moved one week before classes began, then I got really sick, the following week my car started overheating while driving home from class which resulted in having to be towed and spending the entire day at the dealership, and just when I thought things were looking up for the end of the month, (spoiler alert: this is kind of disgusting!!) my middle finger got caught in the door while carrying a bag outside and proceeded to rip out my entire nail and about a quarter inch of the new nail that hadn’t come out from under the skin came out too…so hopefully in what google said would be 6 months I will have a finger nail again…so yeah, here’s to knowing February is going to be so much better, or else! I just had to share what has been going on with me for one to explain the extremely minimal number of blog posts going up this month and also because if you’re going through a rough time, know I’m right there with you!

But onto much more positive things as you may have seen in the corner of the photo above…there’s a Peloton box!! Tomorrow my Peloton bike is arriving and I could not be more excited! I cannot wait to share more about it with you guys after tomorrow! I’m really excited to be able to do spin classes whenever I want, without having to leave my home. The closest real spin studio is probably 35 minutes away and they only offer classes at like 6am and 6pm which are super inconvenient for me personally. So, this should be an amazing solution because spin classes are seriously the only workouts that I actually kind of enjoy!

Next up on the life updates, you may also have noticed from this pic that I finally got the new iPhone and let me just say that the camera does not disappoint! I’m loving both the camera and my old iPhone XS Max would not hold a charge to save my life and was constantly glitching, which was obviously very annoying. I went with the iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold and I got the apple silicone case in pomegranate, you can check that out here if you’re interested!

I also started my next field placement for my education degree in a first grade classroom this week which has been super exciting! I totally wore the outfit I shared last week when I styled that Madewell pullover sweater 3 ways, you can check out that post here. I think it would be fun to share some work wear over the next few months as I wear more “professional” outfits!


HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m super excited to be sharing my first post where I show you three different ways to style one piece. Today I’m sharing my favorite sweater this season that I picked up form Madewell a few weeks ago. It’s currently on sale plus an additional 30% off with the code “REALDEAL”, which makes it only $48!!

Look 1: Everyday

Look 2: Work Day

Look 3: Night Out


Hello! Sorry for being MIA last week. We have been moving…and it has been INSANE! So, today we are back to regular content and I’m so excited! I’m going to be posting tons of new photos of my new space which will also be fun, so keep a look out for that coming soon! But, back to what this post is really about, what Elle Brooks Blog is going to look like in 2020. I am writing this post for two main reasons, the first one obviously is to let you guys know what is coming up on the blog this year, but the second reason is because I want to be held accountable to you guys in the content that I am creating for this year. So, here is what you can expect to see here on Elle Brook Blog in 2020 and also if you have any posts that you are interested in seeing this year comment them below please!

What I Wore
I want to start sharing the outfits that I really wear every week. I have been seeing this post on a lot of my favorite people’s blogs recently and cannot wait to start sharing my outfits. I’m not sure how often I will be posting these, as I re-wear a lot of my clothes all the time, so it may get a little to repetitive, but be on the lookout for this post probably at the end of this month!
Shop My Closet
I want to start sharing how to re-wear pieces styled differently and also share pieces that you are most likely to also already have in your closet by re-inventing them!
Re-wearing & Re-styling Pieces
I want to share how to re-style pieces that I have already shared in different ways and also I will be sharing pieces that I may not be able to link anymore but I will still link very similar options, so that way you can shop your own closet for something similar. This year, while I will still be sharing affordable options (read more about that below) I am really trying to buy pieces that I will wear for years instead of a trendy pieces that will be in for only one season. For example, I want to start sharing how to better style great basics that pretty much everyone has in their closet already. This is just such a better sustainable option for both your wallet and the enviornment!
Affordable Options
Some of my best purchases recently have been from Target, I swear that they have seriously been stepping up their style game and their quality seems to also be improving which is SO great! So, I also want to be sure that I am actively sharing affordable options and pieces in general.

Friday Five
I used to back in the day try to share these posts weekly, however, in 2020 I plan to do monthly Friday Five posts where I share five different things that are kind of random with you. I like being able to have a post each month where I’m really able to share some of the random things I come across that I want to share but don’t really fit in anywhere else. Here you can read my Friday Five: January 2020 post.
Photo Diaries
This is a completely new series that I will be starting, hopefully monthly, where I can round up the “unpublished” photos that don’t actually make it onto the blog. Some of these may be from instagram posts or Insta stories. Then I will also be able to share the links to random things in these posts as well. So, basically be ready for lots of Stella content, lol!
Monthly Favorites
I love sharing some of my favorite random finds from over the month, because it’s a great way to share so many different things with you, that don’t all necessarily fit into a certain category of blog post! I did these a few times randomly last year, but am going to be posting one every single month this year! Here you can checkout my 2019 favorites from the year.

Monthly Reading Lists
One of my goals for 2020, which you can read here, is to read 24 books, I really don’t read as often as I would like to start doing it a lot more. So, I will be sharing what I do end up reading each month with you. Hopefully this will hold me more accountable to reading this year! Also, because I really value the time that I am able to read, I only read books that really grab my attention and make me want to keep reading them, so be on the lookout for some great reading recommendations this year!


It’s officially the first Friday of this decade! So, I figured I should share my first Friday Five round up for this decade! I am going to start doing these posts monthly now, I used to try to do them weekly, but I honestly just don’t always have five things that are worth sharing each week, so be on the look out for this post each month this year!

ONECarly’s Uses for Amazon’s Alexa
I am sort of geek when it comes to technology like this. I absolutely love my echo dots, I have one in between my kitchen and living room and then I also have on in my bedroom. I love seeing how people create “smart homes,” because it’s something I find super interesting! Maybe after I install some more gadgets I will share some of my “smart home” products!

TWO — Simplified Challenge
If you don’t follow @simplified on instagram you definitely should, I love their account and their planner! They are currently sharing a challenge where every day you do something to simplify your life. I love this because it’s not an all day affair, just something to help keep you on the right track and help “simplify” your life for 30 days this month!

THREE Organization Tips from a Non-Organized Person
Kate Bryan shared her top 3 organizing tips from the perspective of a not so organized person. I thought that these were really interesting, in general I would consider myself to be pretty organized in general but I still found these tips to be really helpful because they help make it easier to stay organized!

FOUR23 Ways to Get Your Life Together
I just found this post that Brighton shared last January, but I feel like it’s a great reference for this year too. As the new year begins I am really trying to “get my life together,” especially before going back to school in about a week, so I thought these tips were super helpful!

FIVE Amazon Fire Stick
So, I bought 3 fire sticks back in November because they were on crazy sale to give as Christmas gifts to my brother and my parents, and then I also got one for myself. I figured I would test it out because it had a few more apps than my now older smart tv had and it has ended up being SO nice. Earlier in the year I had thought about getting a new tv, because my smart tv that I got probably 4 years ago now, just doesn’t have all of the updated apps anymore. After getting the fire stick it feels like I have a brand new tv it’s SO nice. I also only need to use the fire stick remote (I don’t watch cable tv) which is amazing because right after I got Stella she chewed up the remote to my tv so it looks pretty gross lol!

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