Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that it’s the lady day of October, where has the time gone?! I seriously have been pushing everything off and saying that I will worry about it once November gets here, but now November is here and I have SO much going on.
In today’s post, I am sharing everything I bought on Amazon this month, which is a LOT of stuff!! I have seriously been having everything delivered this month, and this post seriously shows that lol!

I have been wearing these slippers nonstop around the house! They are so warm and cozy. Even better they’re only $23.99!

After getting Stella, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I got the sweetest puppy a little over two weeks ago now, you can read about her in my post here, I got this book The Puppy Training Handbook which is written by a trainer that I have seen all over online and have been reading it to try and do my best to train Stella.

Also this month, I order this new camera case, it’s super slim, so I am just able to throw it in my bag, which is great, so that I can have my camera with me more of the time. I also ordered this Amazon Basics tripod, because on my tripod that I got from Best Buy one of the clips broke of so it longer worked. This one is working well so far. I really like that it folds up extremely small, came with a case, and is super light weight.


This is probably by far my most exciting blog post, ever. Today I wanted to introduce to you my new sweet angel baby dog, Stella. You know there are some points when you tear up and realize that what you have prayed for and worked so extremely hard towards are here, that’s the feeling I have writing this post now. I have wanted a puppy for forever, however, they’re quite expensive and take a lot of time and are an extremely serious commitment, so up until last weekend I wasn’t completely able to check all of those boxes. She is a Cockalier which is a cross between a Cavalier and a Cocker Spaniel.

I picked her up on Saturday and although I haven’t gotten much sleep these have been seriously the best days ever. She is such a sweet dog and she is already so smart. I can’t wait to share more about her in the future.

FRIDAY FIVE 10/11/19

ONE | Brandless

Julia of Lemon Stripes shared this post on her favorite Brandless products, and I cannot wait to try some of these products myself!

TWO | Dyson Hair Dryer

Carly’s review of the Dyson hair dryer has me seriously debating whether or not to order it. It takes me at least 30 minutes, if not more, in order to blow dry my hair, and then after that I still have to straighten it! I would love to cut down the time it takes to dry my hair.

THREE | Skin Care Order

Grace Atwood, a skin care goddess, shared a post on the correct order to apply skin care products that I just recently found. It has answered so many of my questions on which order to apply things like serums.

FOUR | Perfect Planner

I think I have finally found the perfect planner for 2020! It’s the Simplified Dapperdesk Planner, by Emily Ley. I am really specific about what I want in a planner. I want a page for every. single. day. I don’t want a shared page for Saturday and Sunday, because those are usually the days that I have the most to do. I also really want to be able to put all of my assignments and to do lists into my planner so that way they can be right there so that way I can schedule when I am going to work on them around other classes and events that are in my calendar. This planner meets all of these requirements and I cannot wait to order it and start using it in January!!

FIVE | Mrs. Meyer’s

I have found the best smelling hand soap and dish soap ever from Mrs. Meyer’s. I shared that I had picked these up from Target in my Target Fall Round Up post on the blog last week, but after using them for about a week now I don’t know what I am going to do when fall is over and Target is no longer selling them!!


A Sucky Love Story, 10/10

So, a little background on how I started reading this book…I was watching Shane Dawson’s video Investigating Conspiracy Theories, which you should definitely watch before you read this book, because it makes you even more invested in reading the book, and I heard Brittani’s story and just had to hear more. Her book is the story of her own life and is what feels like straight out of a crazy movie! She tells all about how she met this guy, that she thought was the love of her life, until everything changed. There are so many twists, and she writes her story so well and it really informs you about paying attention to different signs while you’re dating and how she escaped her situation. I would definitely recommend reading this book!

The Last Mrs. Parrish, 9.5/10

So, the only reason I didn’t give this book a 10/10 is because it’s just a little bit slow and kind of dragging at the beginning when you’re trying to get into the book. However, once you’re invested in this story it seriously does not stop getting crazier and crazier. I love a story that has some romance, with lots of action and twists. This book definitely has all of these elements and is such an entertaining read! Amber starts the story, telling you all about her plan, and how she is going to execute it. In the second half of the book you get to hear from the side of Mrs. Parrish and you will not be prepared for what comes next the you start to hear Mrs. Parrish’s side, it was completely unexpected and had me up super late finishing the book to see what happened!


So, I went to Target this past weekend and they are seriously KILLING IT with affordable fall fashion this year!! Which means I had to share what clothes I picked up and of course I grabbed a few other fall favorites. Seriously you have to get this Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap and dish soap, it smells incredible!! I also picked up this Magnolia candle from the collection with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and it seriously smells amazing! I also picked up this cute vase for only $3 in the dollar section and I cannot wait to put pretty fall flowers in it!

Black tee – this came in white too and it’s such a good tee I think I’m going to go back for the white version too
Camo sweats – these are not online yet but you can find them in stores
Grey thermal top – seriously the softest top ever
Pink wide legs lounge pants – these are available in stores, but again they are not online
Grey fleece sweatshirt and grey fleece jogger – this is seriously the comfiest set ever, it’s so soft and cozy


Happy fall! This is my first “official” fall post, so I am sharing what’s on my fall wish list. You can see that I have a pretty clear color scheme for fall and it’s honestly the same as last year, which is great because my wardrobe is still really current. I like black, cream/beige, and white for fall. I feel like these 3 colors really go well together and I find them to be what I lean towards wearing most!


One of all my all time favorite stores to shop at is by far Madewell. Right now through September 11th Madewell insiders can save 15% off and if you’re like me and obsessed spend way too much at Madewell and are a Star or Insider, then you can save 20%. If you’ve never shopped at Madewell you can just sign up as an Insider and save 15%. So because of this, I am going to share some of my Madewell favorites! There is also a 20% college student discount now through October 7th!!




Tie Dye Crop Tee


As I have recently moved into my first apartment, I have been decorating and organizing the new space like crazy. Definitely my favorite place to get nice affordable pieces has been Target. So, in this blog post I am sharing a roundup of my apartment finds that I have gotten so far!

While this isn’t one of the most glamours items I picked up for the apartment, it definitely is one of the most function-able. This is a laundry sorter with 3 compartments. It look very ascetically pleasing with its linen looking fabric and white metal, but the best part is it was only $25! Most of the other laundry sorting hampers that I found were $40+ and this one is not only cheaper, but also looks a lot better sitting out in a room then the other ones.

Another great Target find were our dishes! I had previously purchased 2 of the the bowls and 2 of the larger mugs from the set and really liked them, so were ended up getting more pieces from the same line to complete the set!

I also got this desk for my apartment and I really like it except for the fact that it says on the website that the color is “white” however, it was actually a cream when it arrived. I really like the desk, but the color was not accurate. It matches the rest of my furniture pretty well, except for the color but because of where it is in my room, and the lighting I’m keeping it because overall I really like the desk. If you didn’t need the desk to be perfectly white, then this is a perfect desk!