Hello! Sorry for being MIA last week. We have been moving…and it has been INSANE! So, today we are back to regular content and I’m so excited! I’m going to be posting tons of new photos of my new space which will also be fun, so keep a look out for that coming soon! But, back to what this post is really about, what Elle Brooks Blog is going to look like in 2020. I am writing this post for two main reasons, the first one obviously is to let you guys know what is coming up on the blog this year, but the second reason is because I want to be held accountable to you guys in the content that I am creating for this year. So, here is what you can expect to see here on Elle Brook Blog in 2020 and also if you have any posts that you are interested in seeing this year comment them below please!

What I Wore
I want to start sharing the outfits that I really wear every week. I have been seeing this post on a lot of my favorite people’s blogs recently and cannot wait to start sharing my outfits. I’m not sure how often I will be posting these, as I re-wear a lot of my clothes all the time, so it may get a little to repetitive, but be on the lookout for this post probably at the end of this month!
Shop My Closet
I want to start sharing how to re-wear pieces styled differently and also share pieces that you are most likely to also already have in your closet by re-inventing them!
Re-wearing & Re-styling Pieces
I want to share how to re-style pieces that I have already shared in different ways and also I will be sharing pieces that I may not be able to link anymore but I will still link very similar options, so that way you can shop your own closet for something similar. This year, while I will still be sharing affordable options (read more about that below) I am really trying to buy pieces that I will wear for years instead of a trendy pieces that will be in for only one season. For example, I want to start sharing how to better style great basics that pretty much everyone has in their closet already. This is just such a better sustainable option for both your wallet and the enviornment!
Affordable Options
Some of my best purchases recently have been from Target, I swear that they have seriously been stepping up their style game and their quality seems to also be improving which is SO great! So, I also want to be sure that I am actively sharing affordable options and pieces in general.

Friday Five
I used to back in the day try to share these posts weekly, however, in 2020 I plan to do monthly Friday Five posts where I share five different things that are kind of random with you. I like being able to have a post each month where I’m really able to share some of the random things I come across that I want to share but don’t really fit in anywhere else. Here you can read my Friday Five: January 2020 post.
Photo Diaries
This is a completely new series that I will be starting, hopefully monthly, where I can round up the “unpublished” photos that don’t actually make it onto the blog. Some of these may be from instagram posts or Insta stories. Then I will also be able to share the links to random things in these posts as well. So, basically be ready for lots of Stella content, lol!
Monthly Favorites
I love sharing some of my favorite random finds from over the month, because it’s a great way to share so many different things with you, that don’t all necessarily fit into a certain category of blog post! I did these a few times randomly last year, but am going to be posting one every single month this year! Here you can checkout my 2019 favorites from the year.
What I Purchased on Amazon
Every month I purchase quite a few random things on Amazon, last year I also shared this post a few times, but I will now be sharing my Amazon purchases on here monthly. I just find these posts super interesting when other people share them, but also I think it will be helpful to be able to review my Amazon purchases on here!

Monthly Reading Lists
One of my goals for 2020, which you can read here, is to read 24 books, I really don’t read as often as I would like to start doing it a lot more. So, I will be sharing what I do end up reading each month with you. Hopefully this will hold me more accountable to reading this year! Also, because I really value the time that I am able to read, I only read books that really grab my attention and make me want to keep reading them, so be on the lookout for some great reading recommendations this year!


It’s officially the first Friday of this decade! So, I figured I should share my first Friday Five round up for this decade! I am going to start doing these posts monthly now, I used to try to do them weekly, but I honestly just don’t always have five things that are worth sharing each week, so be on the look out for this post each month this year!

ONECarly’s Uses for Amazon’s Alexa
I am sort of geek when it comes to technology like this. I absolutely love my echo dots, I have one in between my kitchen and living room and then I also have on in my bedroom. I love seeing how people create “smart homes,” because it’s something I find super interesting! Maybe after I install some more gadgets I will share some of my “smart home” products!

TWO — Simplified Challenge
If you don’t follow @simplified on instagram you definitely should, I love their account and their planner! They are currently sharing a challenge where every day you do something to simplify your life. I love this because it’s not an all day affair, just something to help keep you on the right track and help “simplify” your life for 30 days this month!

THREE Organization Tips from a Non-Organized Person
Kate Bryan shared her top 3 organizing tips from the perspective of a not so organized person. I thought that these were really interesting, in general I would consider myself to be pretty organized in general but I still found these tips to be really helpful because they help make it easier to stay organized!

FOUR23 Ways to Get Your Life Together
I just found this post that Brighton shared last January, but I feel like it’s a great reference for this year too. As the new year begins I am really trying to “get my life together,” especially before going back to school in about a week, so I thought these tips were super helpful!

FIVE Amazon Fire Stick
So, I bought 3 fire sticks back in November because they were on crazy sale to give as Christmas gifts to my brother and my parents, and then I also got one for myself. I figured I would test it out because it had a few more apps than my now older smart tv had and it has ended up being SO nice. Earlier in the year I had thought about getting a new tv, because my smart tv that I got probably 4 years ago now, just doesn’t have all of the updated apps anymore. After getting the fire stick it feels like I have a brand new tv it’s SO nice. I also only need to use the fire stick remote (I don’t watch cable tv) which is amazing because right after I got Stella she chewed up the remote to my tv so it looks pretty gross lol!

Shop my pullover


1 — Stella
Probably the thing that made this year the most amazing was getting my sweet baby girl puppy Stella. You can read all about getting her here.

2 — Alfapark Milano Blow Dry Cream
This hair product has improved my blow outs SO much! I am going to be doing a post in the next week about my hair care routine and exactly what products I use for blow outs, but this is by far my biggest game changer for sure!

3 — Adidas Ultra Boosts
These sneakers are actually the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are literally the only shoes that I can workout in without my feet hurting, I cannot recommend them enough!!

4 — Lululemon Ready to Rulu Pant
This is my most worn clothing item of the year and definitely my favorite. I seriously cannot stop wearing them, they’re SO comfy and not too heavy. I love comfy clothes and these are by my favorite thing to wear and be comfy in.

5 — Echo dot
I got an echo dot a little before I moved into my apartment, and I am obsessed. I have one in my bedroom now and one in my kitchen because I use it for everything. I use it with the security system, to play music, to set timers, to wake me up every morning, and I just got an outlet adapter so soon I will be turning my lights on with it. I love these kind of geeky tech gadgets, they’re just so cool to me!

2020 GOALS

Happy 2020!! Now that both Christmas and New Years are over I’m kind of ready to go back to Miami hence the beach photo lol! But in other news…It’s the start of a new decade and what I know will be an amazing year!!! While 2019 was a great year, I’m really looking forward to this fresh start that a new year brings! I have lots of new goals for this year and am happy to say I accomplished many that I set for myself last year! When I set my 2020 goals I really wanted the majority of them to be “numbers” or basically be something that I can say I did or not, when I reflect and check in on how I am doing accomplishing these goals. Also, I didn’t put any of these goals really into a particular order, I just kind of typed them out. So, here are my goals for 2020!

#1 — Meditate every single day.
I started using the app Headspace this year and I have really enjoyed it. I also feel SO much better after meditating but I have really struggled to do it consistently. So, this year I plan to meditate every single day.

#2 — Drink 65oz of water every day.
I always try to drink water, but I’m not very consistent. So, my goal for this year is to keep track of how much water I’m drinking. I’m thinking about looking into an Apple Watch app to track how much water I’m drinking each day.

#3 — Read 24 books.
I would like to read ~2 books a month this year, usually I read a lot during the summer, but get super distracted and busy during the school year, so I don’t always have time to read or even think about reading.

#4 — Do not use any plastic water bottles.
This goal was inspired by Julia of Lemon Stripes who started a Water Bottle Challenge where you don’t purchase any plastic water bottles for the rest of the decade. I participated in this challenge and am now going to carry it into 2020 and I plan to not use any plastic water bottles this year.

#5 — Blog more consistently.
This year my goal for the blog is to really work on posting here on the blog and my instagram more consistently! I REALLY am motivated to do this and cannot wait to see what this year holds for me when it comes to the blog! I have so many exciting ideas and I really just need to start prioritizing working on the blog over other things that are less important to me in the long run. So stick around for a really exciting year here!

#6 — Learn more Spanish.
I took Spanish for 5 years in high school and 2 semesters in college, but I still don’t really know a lot of Spanish. I downloaded Duolingo and I really want to start practicing my Spanish a lot more this year.

#7 — Have a positive mindset.
Sometimes I can think really negatively, which honestly is really annoying to me. This year I want to be really intentional about my mindset and am determined to be more positive.

#8 — Workout 3 days a week.
So this year I have worked a little more than years prior but it’s been pretty randomly. This year my goal is to make sure that I workout at least 3 days each week if not more. More would be ideal, however, I’m really trying to be realistic about this goal, so that I can be sure to stick to it!

#9 — Run another 5K.
Last year I ran my first 5K ever. Running is something that for so many years I have really feared, but this year I started doing it more than ever before, and finally this fall I ran a 5K. This year my goal is to run at least another 5K if not more and I’m feeling really motivated to get a better time and to feel more prepared when I do run it.

#10 — Set routines.
This is a super broad goal, however, it really encompasses a lot of my goals for 2020. I really want to have set routines and STICK TO THEM! Some of these include my skin care routine, hair care routine, vitamins, daily prayer, setting a morning and night routine in general. I also want to start setting up routines when it comes to doing laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and just setting myself up to have the best week possible. So, I am going to create new routines that I really want implement into my life this year. I will definitely be sharing more about these routines throughout the year as I set them up!

What are your 2020 goals? Comment below!!


I’m SO excited for this holiday season! Today I’m sharing my “bucket list” of all of the holiday related activities I hope to do this season! I always love these kinds of posts when other bloggers do them because it’s kind of like inspiration for something to do over the season! Be sure to be following my Instagram stories to see updates on what things I check off my bucket list!

-Make a gingerbread house
-Christmas cookie baking party
-Take Stella to see Santa. PetCo is having a fundraiser where you can make a donation to pets in need and get a photo with Santa. I think it would be super cute and funny, but also for a good cause!
-Go pick out a real Christmas tree
-Make a hot chocolate bar
-Watch a Christmas movie by the fire
-Drive around and look at Christmas lights
-Drink a Holiday Starbucks drink
-Wear matching Christmas pajamas
-Wrap pretty Christmas gifts
-Purchase Christmas gifts for children in need
-Send out Christmas cards


Happy December and happy Cyber Monday!! Today I am sharing a round up of some of my favorite items that are on sale today!

Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote, $188 $118
I have never seen this bag on such a good sale. I love this bag and carry it ALL the time to travel as my carry-on, to run errands when I need a larger bag, and as my teacher bag when I am doing field placements at schools! It even put it in my gift guide, which you can check out here!

Echo Dot with Plug $74.98 $26.99
Madewell Black Button-Up Jeans $135 $85.06
LLBean Sweater Fleece $89 $71.20

Kohl’s The Big One Sheets $79 $17.59
These are the best affordable sheets! I have been buying them for years and this is the best deal I have ever seen on them!


It feels like it’s officially really the holiday season now that my gift guide has finally been posted. This year I have curated everything into one gift guide with different sections for everyone on your list, and throughout this holiday season you will be able to click the tab “GIFT GUIDE” on the menu bar at the top of my blog and access this gift guide super easily! I will be adding some things as the season goes on, but I wanted to get this section of my blog up in plenty of time before Black Friday deals begin!



LLBean Wicked Good Slippers – $79
These are SO warm and cozy and make a great gift for anyone living in cold weather!
Madewell Transport Tote Zip Top – $188
I love and use this bag SO MUCH! It’s perfect as a cary-on bag, running errands when I need more storage and more!

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket – $229
This is such a classic jacket that transitions well for fall and with layers for winter!


LLBean Wicked Good Moccasins $79
LLBean Scotch Plaid Flannel – $50
Yeti 14oz camp mug – $25


Kids 12 oz Hydro Flask – $30

LLBean Kids Sweater Fleece – $50
Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart – $160


LLBean Sweater Fleece – $20+
LLBean Boat + Tote – $45
A monogramed tote for everything your puppy needs!
Puffer Vest – $12
This vest zips open so you can easily clip your leash onto the harness! Perfect for winter walks!


Madewell Corduroy Sunglass Case – $10

Laneige Lip Mask Set – $28

Slip silk scrunchies – $39


VEJA V-10 Sneaker – $150
I am obsessed with these super natural sneakers! They would seriously go with anything and everything!
Lululemon Camo Leggings – $128
Fast and Free 28″ Tight
LLBean Sweater Fleece – $89
I already own two of these in different colors, because they’re just the best fleeces!


Cross Slippers – $24
Ello Campy Travel Mug – $18
Car Vent Magnetic Phone Mount – $24


2020 Daily Dapperdesk Planner – $60
DYMO Mobile Label Maker – $50
The Home Edit – $14


FRIDAY FIVE 11/15/19

Happy Friday!! Enjoying comfy clothes and coffee on this pretty much winter morning here in New York, fortunately it is supposed to warm up today, so hopefully we get a break form this fall blizzard!!

ONE | #LSWaterBottleChallenge
Julia of Lemon Stripes recently started a challenge to not use another plastic disposable water bottle in the rest of this decade. I am joining her in this challenge and am still going strong!! You can read all about her challenge here, and I hope you will also join!

TWO | Carly’s Warm Cozies
Carly of Carly the Prepster shared her list of go to winter cozies, and I seriously want every single item on her list now. I had just actually gotten my Mom those same LLBean slippers for her birthday and I tried them on and they are so cozy, so I had already had them on my list, but this totally reminded me that I NEED them to survive this already brutal winter in NY!

THREE | Christmas Tree Inspiration
I think this weekend, I’m probably going to start decorating for Christmas and will definitely be putting my tree up! I plan on running to Target to get everything to decorate it, so I have been looking for tree inspiration and been pinning all of the Christmas trees. So, be sure to checkout my Christmas 2019 Pinterest board to see them all!

FOUR | Shopping
Everything from LLBean is currently 25% off through 11/19, which is like a major sale there, so here are some of my top picks from the sale!
Women’s Wicked Good Moccasins
Dog Sweater Fleece – I might order this in grey as a Christmas gift for Stella!
Women’s Sweater Fleece – I love their sweater fleece and already have it in two colors, so this would be perfect and so cute because it would match Stella!

FIVE | On my wishlist
This Lululemon short puffer jacket is so cute and I seriously cannot stop thinking about it. I already have quite a few black winter jackets, so I cannot decide if I really need it. But if you are in need of a new jacket be sure to check this cute on out!

As it’s getting closer to the holidays, my Holiday Gift Guide will be posted on Monday!! I will be adding to it through the Holiday Season, but almost all of my picks will be up, so look for that on Monday!


Happy Halloween! I cannot believe that it’s the lady day of October, where has the time gone?! I seriously have been pushing everything off and saying that I will worry about it once November gets here, but now November is here and I have SO much going on.
In today’s post, I am sharing everything I bought on Amazon this month, which is a LOT of stuff!! I have seriously been having everything delivered this month, and this post seriously shows that lol!

I have been wearing these slippers nonstop around the house! They are so warm and cozy. Even better they’re only $23.99!

After getting Stella, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I got the sweetest puppy a little over two weeks ago now, you can read about her in my post here, I got this book The Puppy Training Handbook which is written by a trainer that I have seen all over online and have been reading it to try and do my best to train Stella.

Also this month, I order this new camera case, it’s super slim, so I am just able to throw it in my bag, which is great, so that I can have my camera with me more of the time. I also ordered this Amazon Basics tripod, because on my tripod that I got from Best Buy one of the clips broke of so it longer worked. This one is working well so far. I really like that it folds up extremely small, came with a case, and is super light weight.


This is probably by far my most exciting blog post, ever. Today I wanted to introduce to you my new sweet angel baby dog, Stella. You know there are some points when you tear up and realize that what you have prayed for and worked so extremely hard towards are here, that’s the feeling I have writing this post now. I have wanted a puppy for forever, however, they’re quite expensive and take a lot of time and are an extremely serious commitment, so up until last weekend I wasn’t completely able to check all of those boxes. She is a Cockalier which is a cross between a Cavalier and a Cocker Spaniel.

I picked her up on Saturday and although I haven’t gotten much sleep these have been seriously the best days ever. She is such a sweet dog and she is already so smart. I can’t wait to share more about her in the future.